Santa’s Elves need your help! They have been sent on a special mission by Santa to bring the spirit of Christmas into the hearts of as many people around the world as possible. Santa has decided he wants to be prepared with a new generation of helpers and Elves and so wants to share some of their secrets with carefully selected children and their families. Most of all he wants to share his spirit of fun and adventure at Christmas! So he has sent his best Elves off into the World to meet children and their families and experience the magic and joy of being a Christmas Elf for yourself!

So come and join in the Elf Adventure; discover what it takes to be an Elf, try your hand at challenges, games, join in with the music, fun and story and if you complete your challenges successfully you will earn yourself a certificate of completion and title of honorary Elf-  and who knows, you may be called on in the future to help Santa in his duties…….

This is a 40 minute experience suitable for 2-10 year olds and their grown ups! Younger children may need some help with some of the activities. This is fully participative for adults and children alike to have fun and complete the activities together. So come and bring alive the spirit of Christmas with your family!