Why Santa and his Elves don’t do Black Friday

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Black Friday is one aspect of the human world that Elves really don’t get!

For a start, the word black – what is black about an Elves word or Christmas? Nothing!! Believe me the only black you find at the North Pole is the sky and this is full of twinkling stars!

The second thing that doesn’t sit well with Elves is the emphasis on consumption, greed and materialism. Santa’s Elves are obviously into, no not just into; PASSIONATE; about making toys and giving gifts. But not because they are the latest gadget or for the sake of having. And it’s certainly not about quantity; it’s about quality!  The ethos of Santa and his Elves is to give thoughtful gifts that mean a lot to children and make them feel loved and special. Often this can be one, carefully chosen toy that is perfect for that child and what pushes their excited buttons!  It’s parents that often think they have to pile the gifts up and achieve quantity over quality! The spirit of Christmas is all about thinking about others, being kind, helpful and loving. So linking Black Friday with Christmas is not something that true Elves are keen to do!

The third aspect is to do with the world around us. Santa and his Elves live in a secret, magical, unspoilt part of the earth, which luckily humans cannot get to. But the Elves still want to encourage humans to look after the human inhabited part of the world. And encouraging over consumption of ‘stuff’ doesn’t do that!

And lastly, Christmas is mostly about magical memories. The letters that Santa receives (like this one)…that ask for non-material things are his favourite. Ok, he sadly cannot always deliver on the request but he does his best and where he cannot he will try to help with a gift instead.


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Time with the family is something that a lot of children write to Santa about and it’s not just kids who want time with parents; adults want time with kids. And spending time with kids over the Christmas period has such a magical impact on grown up’s and allows them to release their inner child and celebrate the magic and joy that is Christmas.

So we Elves would much prefer that instead of accepting all the Black Friday marketing blurb, instead come up with some plans for your time in December where you can spend time together as a family and feel the true spirit of Christmas together.



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